About Us

Clover Hill Farm raises Angus cattle, produces hay, and grows hops for local brewing operations. On site Clover Hill Farm has a historic 3500 Square Foot farm house dating to 1781, a two story barn and other historic structures, making it the perfect location for hosting your special events.

The Farm

Clover Hill Farm consists of 74 acres on Rockland Road in the Rockland Rural Historic District in Warren County, Virginia. The District is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks register. Tax records date the farm house to 1781 and census records show recorded farming operations back to the 1840's. The historic integrity and physical character of the Rockland Rural Historic district, with its mixture of hilly and open land with the dramatic backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east, provides a spectacular vista of primarily unspoiled farmland.

Current Operations

The Farm serves a cow-calf operation, and most recently expanded into hop production. The two top varieties under production are Cascade and Chinook.